Which cabin are you?

i’m cabin 7 (Apollo) so if any of y’all out there are my kindred i welcome you to my humble abode c:

If you want a clearer picture of your cabin, my ask box is open anytime ( ಠ◡ಠ )

- Ciara

Characters in Blood of Olympus (SPOILERS)


Percy in Blood of Olympus: 

Piper in Blood of Olympus: 

Annabeth in Blood of Olympus: 

Leo in Blood of Olympus (i found it and cackled, but i’m not a leo hater i love him:) 

Reyna in Blood of Olympus: 

Jason in Blood of Olympus: 

Hazel in Blood of Olympus: 

Frank in Blood of Olympus: 

Octavian in Blood of Olympus: 

Nico in Blood of Olympus: 

Also Nico in Blood of Olympus: 


Which ETERNAL NIGHT god are you?

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Did you know as a child you wanted to be a writer?

No. I wanted to be a reader. I thought everything that needed to be written had already been written or would be. I only wrote the first book because I thought it wasn’t there, and I wanted to read it when I got through.


Your afternoon LOL! 

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When you spend all day marathoning a book and then hate the ending




This is what October is all about - crying wishing you were at Hogwarts enjoying beautifully warm and delicious feasts

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I will be forever thankful of the day I first flipped through the pages of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I have never thought of having a great adventure at the time of my lowest and the very depressing moment of my life.  Somehow, these books has given me positivity and courage. I have a continuous battle of my own, I knew of my fatal flaw. I almost killed my self, being a young adult is tough. Now I have renewed my senses and brought back the inner child in me. I will not be feeling alone anymore, because I know I am the universe. I am a child of this world, I am made of stars. Just like the seven half-bloods, I will thrive, I will be strong and I will make it through the challenges of the real life. Fear is inevitable, but to face it is Godly.



Its over....


5 years; 10 books; 100s of deaths; 100s of friends; hours of sleep, lost; a river of tears shed; An Armada of ships (some more of dingys that had started to flood); Millions of feelings shouted at the pages.
And its finally over.
My life….. is officially over.
Percy Jackson, Annabeth…