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Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky,
My pile of books is a mile high.
How I love them! How I need them!
I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.

Arnold Lobel (via feellng)

Love little book poems! 

~Intern Tori~

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Books on the bookshelves
And stacked on the floor
Books kept in baskets
And propped by the door
Books in neat piles
And in disarray
Books tucked in closets
And books on display
Books filling crannies
And books packed in nooks
Books massed in windows
And mounded in crooks
Libraries beckon
And bookstores invite
But book-filled rooms welcome
Us back home at night!

L.R. Knost (via wordpainting)

Absolutely love this!

~Intern Tori~

(via paperlanternlit)


We Read Too is a book resource app created by Kaya Thomas (@kthomas901) that includes over 300 Children’s and YA books written by authors of color featuring characters of color. You can browse, search, view the details of every book as well as suggest any books that should be added in the app. This resource is for all people of color who have felt misrepresented or forgotten when finding books to read.

Help the app grow by downloading it for free here (, rating and reviewing the app, and suggesting new books & genres that should be included! Follow @WeReadTooApp on twitter and like Facebook page at for updates. 




Take a look at all the very many gorgeous Young Adult titles coming out this month in the September issue of the Booktopia YA Buzz!

Me’n’Holly’n’Cassie, yay!

Me’n’Sarah’n’Holly, yay! And I love the idea of a Queen of Zombie Hearts…



Minnesota: Land of 10,000 lakes and 1 floating library

There are lakes everywhere in Minnesota and now one of them has a floating library.

Thanks to Sarah Peters the contraption above is open for business on Cedar Lake in Minneapolis. Designed by Molly Reichert the 8 foot structure will hold upwards of 80 books for water travelers to peruse and check out.

Canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, skiffs, rowboats, or even inner tubes are invited to paddle up to the Library and browse the shelves from inside their watercraft. The library has both circulating and reference collections of artists’ books contributed by artists nationwide. A staff of friendly floating librarians facilitate the check out process and make reading suggestions

There are even drop off boxes on the shore to return the books.

About the project, Peters told the Minneapolis Star Tribune “Art books are not a widely known art form..And so there’s an element of delight and surprise. First of all, canoeing along and coming across a library. And then having it stocked with books that are totally unique. It’s like this double whammy of inventiveness. It can expand people’s ideas of what art is.”

True enough but it could also ruin a lot of those unique books. Granted one cannot enter the library but the confluence of books and water rarely ends well.

Perhaps a shore-based library by the landing dock could have achieved the goal of exposing people to the pleasures of book arts and artists books without  the high risk. But then again maybe the reward is in the risk.

Story at the Star Tribune: The land of 10,000 lakes now has a floating library 

Floating Library website

Flickr set of the Floating Library, 2013

h/t Shelf Awareness

This is so cool. Would defiantly check out a floating bookshop. Although, it does sound a little dangerous for the books!

~Intern Tori~



OMG. I joked to my doctor that I needed a prescription for reading and she gave me this.

This is amazing; I wish we could all get a prescription from the doctor to read books and drink tea. 

~Intern Tori~


PLL Book Club- The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E Smith!

Jennifer E. Smith is a master not just of the intimacy of small moments between near-strangers, but also of evoking a gorgeous sense of place. The Geography of You and Me takes readers all the way from NYC to Edinburgh, Scotland, and we can’t decide what’s dreamier: the locations or the swoony relationships!

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals stars and writers support Carina Adly MacKenzie’s ETERNAL NIGHT!



Books fuel a lot of imaginations, they take you to a place you never imagined. 

~Intern Tori~

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